Packing your suitcase before every trip can be a real nightmare. Especially if you’re going on a long trip, for 7 or more days. You have to pack your clothes, your shoes, your basic cosmetics or beauty products, some necessary electrical devices and the list goes on…So at some point you’re basically like ‘Give me a break…’

Well, don’t panic!!! Coz I happen to have good news for you. There are always ways to successfully pack everything you need before a trip without struggling to close your suitcase or having to leave something really important behind. You just have to be efficient!!! How you ask? Here’s a list of a few absolutely useful tips that can be life-saving when it comes to packing your suitcase.

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So with no further ado, let’s go through the tips:

TIP #1

Pack only the essentials

I cannot tell you how many times I packed my whole wardrobe for a 3 day trip just because I couldn’t decide on what to take with me. Believe me, I know that it can be hard to decide between two pairs of shoes or among your clothes. After all, you should be prepared for all case scenarios, right? Well, there’s a way to make smart choices and the trick is planning!!! And that includes two things: First, you have to check the weather of the country you’re travelling to beforehand. This’ll save you a lot of effort because you will be able to focus only on the appropriate clothes instead of fulling your suitcase with sundresses when you should be packing only jackets and warm clothes. This happened to me in Copenhagen. I was totally unprepared coz  I hadn’t realised how much colder it could be during April. In fact, I had the illusion I could wander around with no jacket at all when it was clearly winter for me. Thank God I had packed a jacket just in case which really saved my ass. So, really make sure you check on the weather, especially if the country you’re visiting has a whole different climate than yours. The second thing involved in planning is really decide on the kind of trip you’re going to. Is it a chill out trip, a party all day trip, an exploration trip? The list here can go on forever.. But you get my point. If you’re wandering around all day visiting sights, you’ll definitely need more casual clothes and comfortable shoes. If that’s your kind of trip, really don’t bother pack fancy clothes. You won’t need them and they’ll take up a lot of precious space in your luggage. Again, I have packed sooo many times fancy clothes thinking that I would need them for a night out, but after a long day out I just ended up with a more casual look and went out for a drink anyway. Now, if your goal is to party all night, you can decide on more flashy outfits. Whatever your kind of trip is, think before you pack!! I actually have a bonus tip here which really helped me a lot so many times. And that’s planning what exactly to wear during my trip. I mean packing specific outfits, one for every day. This saves you a lot of trouble during your trip as well. 

luggage set

TIP #2

Search for smart packaging products

Luckily, there is a number of products designed to help you pack whatever you need in a way that it takes up the least possible space. I’m talking about luggage sets & travel packaging sets. Designed to help you keep your suitcase neat, luggage sets is a smart way to pack your clothes, shoes, underwear and beauty products as condensed as possible too. Make sure you roll each one of your outfits up, so that they take up the least possible space in the travel bags. Also, take advantage of every available space. One way is to fill your shoes with pairs of socks, but really get imaginative here. Now, my favorite part: Let’s talk about travel packages. How many times did you have to figure out how to carry your shampoo and shower gel and even some of your specialized hair and face products? Carrying them in their original packages is really unwise coz they will take up most of your suitcase’s space and finding sample bottles can be a real challenge too. This is where travel packaging sets enter!! They are consisted of a number of different mini bottles and jars each designed for a specific purpose. This way you can carry all of your beauty products, from your shampoo to your face cream or even your hair oil in smaller quantities that’ll help you save space in your luggage. And the best part is that they are airport accepted since all packages have a capacity up to 100ml according to airlines’ regulations. Take a look at our amazing collection of luggage sets and travel packaging sets on our e-shop where you can actually choose the ones that fit you.

luggage set

travel bottles

TIP #3

Organize your travel documents

Very important step if you don’t want to struggle searching for your ticket or passport at the airport’s check while carrying your suitcase and possibly your coat. Having all of your documents organized in one place is crucial and in order to do so you’ll need a passport case. Personally, I love them. They help me organise my tickets, my passport and ID and also my money and cards so whenever I need any of those things before or during my trip I know where to search. You can find such a passport case on our eshop and understand what I’m talking about. This particular passport case is actually a multi tool, coz apart from all things said, it gives you extra space to store your keys and pen but also other documents such as maps plus, it comes with a strap for easy grip simultaneously with your suitcase.

passport case

TIP #4

Don’t forget to put a tag on your suitcase

Some suitcases come with a label of their own where you can note your personal details. If your suitcase is not one of them, I suggest you purchase a luggage tag to avoid taking another else’s suitcase or even your suitcase’s loss at the airport. If minimal aesthetics is your thing, I’m guessing you would like our leather luggage tags set.

luggage tags

TIP #5

Make sure you find foldable flight essentials 

Flights can be rather exhausting especially if you’re going on an international trip. So make sure you wear comfortable clothes and have some flight essentials with you. These are your travel pillow and your travel mask. Both life savers if you struggle to take a descent nap on the plane. I used both of them on my flight to New York for the first time and I sincerely can’t live without them anymore.I know you're probably thinking that it is difficult to carry both of them in your bag, but again I have good news to share with you: You can now find foldable versions of these fellas that are easy to carry.  Like this beauty… It’s our premium, memory foam travel pillow and it folds into 1/2 of its size guys! Yep, it is super easy to carry it in your bag. And let’s not forget our ultra soft travel mask which covers a wide area around your eyes and helps you relax. It also folds and can be stored in its very own protective case.

travel pillow and mask

TIP #6

Use an organized, antitheft backpack

Let’s face it: Backpacks are the best type of bag for travel. They free your hands and if they are designed for this specific purpose, you can put literally anything you’ll need for a day in them. That’s why I suggest you invest in a good, organised travel backpack. And I mean really organized. You need to have different compartments and pockets for different uses coz you’ll may be on the go all day thus you’ll need to carry a few personal items, maybe a jacket and don’t get me started with all the camera equipment. I also insist you find a backpack with antitheft pockets so that you feel safe about your money and cards. It being waterproof is also a plus if you’re not an umbrella fan. You can take a look at our bestseller organized backpack with 17 compartments, sleeves and pockets designed especially for travel. This actually comes with some extra features: a USB port to charge your phone on the go and a waterproof umbrella pocket.

travel backpack

travel backpack usb port

TIP #7

Make sure you pack the necessary gadgets with you

Three are the gadgets I wanna talk about. No 1 is the power bank. Guys, don’t even think about going on a trip without it. Your phone will run out of battery at some point and the worst case scenario is that you won’t be able to use your Google maps which in turn will make your exploration more difficult. I’m telling you, it’s vital for your trip. No 2 is the worldwide adapter if you’re travelling to a country with different voltage and outlets. A worldwide adapter will let you charge and use your phone, blow dryer and other devices wherever you are. No 3 is the selfie stick. Ok, laugh, but you know how many times I had to ask strangers to take me and my boyfriend’s photo? At some point we had to take photos separately. Well, having a nice selfie stick solves this problem. Especially, if you’re having a selfie stick like this one, which folds entirely and is easily carried in every bag. Plus, it has a mini mirror to take selfies with your phone’s high def rear camera. Don’t forget to take a look at our power bank and worldwide adapter too.

power bank and travel adapter

selfie stick

TIP #8

Always have a portable luggage scale with you

Having control over your luggage’s weight during your trip is very important so that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises on the way home. I know how hard it is to resist all those enticing souvenirs. After all, you’re on vacation so you deserve to do some expenses. However, souvenirs can be rather bulky and heavy and that’s a problem if you don’t have enough space in your luggage. Don’t worry coz the solution is simple enough. You just need to carry a luggage scale with you on your trip. This way you will know how much space is still left in your luggage and save yourself from the task of carrying a really heavy suitcase but also avoid any possible damages on it and airline’s extra fees for overloaded baggage which can be really pricey!! Our luggage scale is a nice option if you are searching for those with the strap closure and not with the hook.

luggage scale


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